Young Potential Program


Have you ever wondered who you are?

What you want?

How to develop your full potential?

Do you want to learn how to build sustainable relationships?

Life is a wonderful journey. However, it can be messy too. Let’s face it, preparing for real life, do we really learn this at school? And what about those tough choices to make? Your education, your work, your partner, your new home, ...?


What if you could become part of a community where you can learn, grow and discover your talents and purpose in life? A safe place where you can learn how to balance freedom, responsibility and connection.


At Yoga Life School (YLS) we believe Yoga is the essence of personal development. We help youngsters develop their full potential and inner stance by translating the ancient wisdom of Yoga into today’s way of life.


YLS is highly committed to guide you towards empowered young potentials by creating an always learning, safe and trusted environment where talent discovery and personal growth is cared for.

YLS will do whatever it takes to:

  • Support you in your talent discovery, skills evolution and career progression

  • Make you aware of obstacles and fears holding you back from reaching your full potential

  • Arm you with tips and tricks to keep body, mind, spirit and soul aligned and healthy

  • Inspire you to develop a mindset of “Whatever happens, I’ll handle it” and to demonstrate an attitude which makes you feel good about yourself

  • Empower you with fun, love and action


The only condition you’ll have to set for yourself is to take full ownership, responsibility and massive action with the stuff that you learn. We provide the optimal learning environment so you can grow towards your true potential and feel energised and happy to lead a fulfilling life.


The YLS Youth Program is specifically designed for young potentials starting at 18 years of age. Can’t wait to join us? We’d love to welcome you. Check out the details!


WHERE: Spain, Masia Escritór/Escrigas (130km from Barcelona), held in an organic farm and green environment.


Group 1: 14 participants between 18 and 30 years old.

Group 2: 14 participants starting age 18 till ... . 


Group 1: from 1st of July till July 15th 2020.

Group 2: from 17th of July till 31st of July 2020.

PRICE: € 2.490 

(all is included except transportation to the venue)

How to register: Fill in this contact form

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Free scholarship

For every YLS Youth Program we give away 4 free seats to young potentials needing financial support. Those fortunate individuals will become part of our ‘Street Yoga for Life Program’ creating ambassadorship for YLS so that they become inspiring leaders in their country of origin. At YLS we believe Yoga is the essence of personal development. The more we are able to spread the power of Yoga throughout the world, the happier we are. At YLS we also aim to contribute to the educational system.


Is Street Yoga for Life Program something for you? We’d love to welcome you. Register today! Motivate why you should be entitled to one of the free scholarships of the Youth Program JULY 2019 in Spain. Success and live with passion!


Yoga Life School

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